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NYX glitter nail polish haul swatches

Here are the swatches of my glitter polishes I got from NYX last week. These are from the regular NYX Girls line, not the NYX Girls Glitter line (they have the same bottle).

I am going to get swatches of all my NYX Round Lipglosses out very soon. Remeber these are 50% at until May 15th.

CN217 Hot Pink Glitter - 3 coats (brighter pink irl)

CN219 Candy Glitter - 2 coats

CN212 Aqua Glitter - 2 coats

CN211 Disco Ball - 1 coat

I added the NYX Glitter Mania (also called Disco Ball) because the nail polish didn't have nearly as much glitter as you see in the swatch.

CN214 Show Girl - 2 coats. This originally was a very sheer black with not as much glitter, but I added WnW's Black Cream nail polish and the NYX Disco Ball glitter (seen above).

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